Posted by : Deborah Takahashi Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Neff, J. (2010). Caught between worlds, tweens embrace makeup, reject Miley. Advertising Age, 81(36), 16-16. Retrieved November 16, 2010, from Academic Search Premier.

In this article, Neff actually surprised me when i read that 'tween girls would rather spend time with their deisgner make-up rather than listening to Miley Cyrus.  Nedd states: "Tween girls are using a lot of makeup these days. In fact, regular usage of mascara and eyeliner by girls ages 8 to 12 almost doubled between 2007 and 2009 [...] Six in 10 tweens ar least once a month use lip gloss-their most popular item and a traditional point of entry into beauty products. Surprising enough, some even use firming anti-cellulite cream."(p.16). When I read these statistics, I was floored because my mother wouldn't let me wear make-up until I was at least in high school and, even then, she wouldn't let me walk out of the door with an inch thick of foundation and lipstick. Although young girls maybe developing earlier and using make-up at a younger age, they are still caught in between where they look grown up, but not necessarily interested in acting the part.

The way Miley Cyrus fits into this article is that her approval rating dropped significantly when the teen idol not only posed nude for "Vanity fair," but did a pole dance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards and TMZ leaked a video of her lap dancing. Not only did these "grown up" acts offend her fans, 'tween girls' interest in Cyrus has dropped significantly. According to Greg Livingston, partner with Curiosity Advertising, states that "[Tweens] don't always know exactly what it is, but they know it's going in a direction that's uncomfortable as defined by society and particularly their parents. They don't want to get themselves into situation that are uncomfortable for them. Seeing Miley Cyrus in a magazine where it's not fun anymore. and it's seen as something they know their parents feel uncomfortable about, would put them in an uncomfortable situation"(Neff, p.16). In other words, 'tweens are well aware that certain things are acceptable so when it comes to situations that are "iffy" they realize that there are consequences to those action.

'Tweens maybe unpredictable, but they are developing skills where they are able to discern between wrong or right. As consumers, they know that MAC make-up may make them appear older and sophisticated; however, there is a huge difference in deciding what shae of lipstick to wear and pole dancing in front of thousands of impressionable people. As they develop, 'tweens are going to make good and bad decisions, but, we hope that if their parents are involved, they can learn, early on, on how to make decisions that won't haunt them all their live just like Miley will never be able to take back the TMZ video or regain the following she once had.

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