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Plot Summary:
In Frell, every little girl is bestowed a gift by her fairy godmother. For Ella, her fairy godmother, Lucinda, is probably the last person who should be granting gifts, simply because her gifts are usually very terrible. Instead of gifts of beauty or song, Ella gets the gift of obedience where she must abide by every command. Growing up has always been difficult, but, despite her unwanted gift, she has a voice and opinion of her won. One day, Ella's mother passes away, suddenly, and her father remarries to an awful woman who has two horrible daughters. One day, during a class debate, Hattie, the worst of the worst, discovers that Ella is completely unable to disobey so she plays some nasty tricks on her. After fleeing a protest at the rally for Prince Charlton (Char), she actually runs into Char who is instantly attracted to her simply because she isn't obsessed with her.

In order to rid herself of her gift/curse, she runs away with a book that happens to be her aunt's boyfriend; he was turned into a book due to a botched spell and serves as Ella's guide to find Lucinda. On the way, Ella meets an elf named Slannan who is discriminated against by Char's uncle, which eventually leads to her being captured by ogres, who are also repressed by the royals. Prior to becoming Ogre stew, Char, again, saves her life and eventually learns that the kingdom he is about to rule is not what it seems. Moreover, Char's uncle isn't exactly the hero that Char thinks he is; in fact he is the one that Char should fear the most. Through their journey, Ella, Char, and Slannan learn some great lessons in having faith and trust in others even in the most akward situations. The movie is full of comedy where good prevails over evil and, in the end, all we all really need is love.

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Rating: PG

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