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Plot Summary:
Just when puberty cannot get an harder, it is now time for "the talk." Some parents may be just fine in explaining sex and body changes, but some, sadly, may not. This guide is probably one of the neatest guides I have come across. Bailey not only explains the basic functions of sex, sexuality, and reproduction, but she does an amazing job integrating the social aspects of sex as well. This book is divided into several sections that focus on: boy stuff. girl stuff, love, pregnancy, contraception, and why 'tweens need to know about their bodies and decision making. This book includes illustrations and examples that will not overwhelm readers; in fact, they may make them giggle, which is important since this such a heavy topic. Moreover, the section focusing on boy and girls issues includes important information that 'tweens may be to embarassed to ask their parents about (i.e., is a bendy penis bad or can a virgin wear a tampon). Bailey does a great job debunking all of the silly claims about sex, pregnancy, masturbation, and hormones, which is imperative since 'tweens tend to believe their friends over licensed professionals. Another amazing aspect of this book is the section that focuses on 'tweens and love (this particular area includes homosexuality, losing one's virginity, relationships, and saying 'No" to sex is actually a good thing. I definitely enjoyed reading this book and plan on buying it to save for my future 'tweens. :D

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