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Plot Summary:
Fearless is by far Jet Li's best film not only as a martial artist, but as a dramatic actor. In this film, Li portrays a man named Huo Yuanjia who is not only a perfectionist when it comes to martial arts, but his sole mission in life is to never be defeated. Clearly, Huo is talented and very good, he lacks the humility. Despite all of his triumphs, he has been taken advantage by every person who wants to be his student and racks up a huge debt with his best friend and loses sight of what's important to him--his family. One day, Huo's world comes crashing down when he he kills a well renowned martial artist who was framed by one of his so-called student in friend. Sadly, the nephew of the man he killed took his revenge and killed Huo's mother and daughter, which left Huo heart broken. Through year's of a drunken stupor and travels all over the country, Huo washes a shore and is taken in by a blind woman and her grandmother. Their way life manages to bring life into Huo, who not only learns the value of hard work, but forgiveness and redemption.

While Huo manages to get his life back together, China opened its doors to foreigners who, unfortunately, have ovetaken the country. In order to preserve the beauty, and the way of life, in China, Huo returns to form the Jingwu Sports Federation where Huo brings his life lessons, experiences, and training to his people to rejuvenate their sense of price and culture. However,  in order to show the world the power of the Chinese, he enters a competition where he takes on the greatest fighters all over the world, which brings hope, joy, and tragedy to the people of China. 'Tweens will not only love the amazing martial art sequences, but will be entranced by the journey that Huo endures in order to become a better and wiser person through martial arts and self-discipline.

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Rating: PG-13

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