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Plot Summary:
Just when we thought that all fairy tales were wholesome, happy, and sweet, Shrek proves that  all is not so well in the land of happy ever ever after. Shrek is an ogre who lives peacefully in his swamp away from everyone and everything. However, this all changes when Lord Farquadt banishes all fairy tale creatures to the swamp and Shrek is not happy about this. Actually, not only were fair tale creatures banished, people auctioned off their magical animals and that is how Shrek met Donkey. In order to get everyone out of his swamp, Shrek travels to Duloc to Farquadt to relocate the creatures. Well, as it turns out, Shrek becomes the unwilling champion to retrieve the princess that Farquadt wants to marry in exchange for a fairy tale creature free swamp.

With Donkey in tow, Shrek travels to this tower to get the princess, who turns out to be Princess Fiona. Although Fiona seems to be the stereotypical princess, she is actually pretty awesome since she managed to school Robin Hood, and his merry men, in martial arts. As Shrek and Fiona get to know each other, they actually have a lot more in common then they would have thought--especially the ogre part. In this hysterical tale of a cranky ogre, a nontraditional princess, and a hysterical donkey, 'tweens will laugh, cry, and just plain love this movie!

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IMDB Rating:
Rating: PG

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