Posted by : Deborah Takahashi Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Goodstein, A. (2007). Diaries Go Digital. In Totally wired: what teens and tweens are really doing online. New York, NY: Saint Martin's Griffin.

In chapter two, Goodstein provides a very thought provoking discussion about online journals and how 'tweens utilize this media to not only update the world about their life but express themselves. One issue, which gives me the chills, is that teens with serious problems are turning to these tools rather than to responsible adults. Goodstein states that there are no online psychologists that are monitoring online journal sites and if parents are totally unaware of blogs incidents of depression, suicidal thoughts, and violence go unchecked (p.47). 

Teens are literally sharing every aspect of their lives on the internet where many strangers can infiltrate their worlds and wreak psychological havoc on that 'tween. As 'tween librarians, we can provide our patrons and their parents that provide information on how to use blogs, what information should be shared, and, if the 'tween is a victim of cyberbullying, depression, and anxiety, we just tell them to seek help from a parent or an adult. We can teach parents how to use the tools, but, ultimately, we have to stress that it is vital that parents talk to their children before a 'tween decides that suicide maybe the best solution for their misery. Not only is this a parent's worst nightmare, but getting a call from another parent that says their child posted a suicide letter on their blog would a lot more unecessary pain.

On the other side of the argument, blogs are also an amazing way for a 'tween to demonstrate their creativity. Not only do 'tweens have the ability to customize their blogs, they can post their artwork, music, poetry, and anything else creative for others to see. Moreover, blogs, if used correctly, can be a great way for a 'tween to market their ideas and gain a following. Despite all the negative ideas about 'tweens and technology, it also has its advantages that allow 'tweens to explore who they are and gain confidence. The quiet 'tween, who most may not know, could easily become the most popular person on Blogger or Facebook simply because they post amazing blogs that inspire others to subscribe to their feeds. A lot can be accomplished on the web as long as the users are actually using it as a means to becoming smarter and better people.

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