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Oz, F. (Director). (1995). The Indian in the cupboard [Motion picture]. [United States]: Columbia Pictures.

Based on a beloved Children's classic, by Lynne Reid Banks, young 'tweens will go an adventure as an average boy, named Omri, receives a cupboard that has the power to bring life to inanimate objects. For his birthday, Patrick gives Omri an Indian Brave figurine that reminded him of Omri. At his birthday party, his older brother gives him a cupboard to store his toys,but there is no key to lock it. Omri's mother, who collected keys as a child, lets him pick through her collection to find one that fits. Eventually, Omri finds a very special one, which belonged to his great grandmother, that not only fits, but is part of the magic that brings an plastic Indian to life. When Omri speaks to the Indian, not only is real, but he has a life that he was abruptly taken from.

Little Bear believes Omri is a great spirit who can do magic and decides to stay with him. Omri is not only excited that his Indian is alive, but plans many adventures for him and Little Bear. However, Omri does not realize that Little Bear is no longer a toy, but a person who has needs and relies on Omri for everything. Morover, when Omri tells Patrick about he cupboard, he is in for a lot more chaos than he bargained for when Patrick puts his Cowboy in the cupboard and his brother's pet rat gets loose in the house. This movie does change a few elements of the story (Little Bear is a lot nicer), but, otherwise, a great re-telling of the story.

Genre: Adventure , Family, Comedy
Rating: PG 
IMDB rating: 

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