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Plot Summary:
Esperanza (Hope in Spanish) is not the average 'tween. Not only is she wealthy, she have ever known what it is like to have to earn her luxuries. Her father, a prosperous rancher, not only loves his daughter, but is a kind and generous man. Esperanza also has two step-uncles, whom she is not fond of, but the day of her twelfth birthday brings tragedy instead of joy. When Esperanza's father does not return home that night, her fate was sealed the morning when a wagon brings the body of her father home. Moreover, in these times, women were not allowed to own land so when the bank threatens to leave Esperanza, her mother, and her housekeeper destitute, Tio Marco, a very bad man, offers to marry Esperanza's mother in order to keep the ranch.

Rather than becoming the wife of a terrible man, Esperanza and her mother flee Mexico and come to California in search of better life. However, their exodus could not come at worse time since the US is suffering from the Great Depression. Having no choice in the matter, Esperanza must work as one of the many migrant farmers who worked for pennies just to stay alive, especially when her mother gets sick and she is the sole provider for her family. Frustrated and dissatisfied with her circumstances, Esperanza trudges on without the luxuries, Esperanza learns humility and sacrifice through hard work and faith that everything will be all right and that hope will rise above it all.

Historical Fiction

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Grades 4 & up

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