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Plot Summary:
For those who love manga, but have no clue how to draw, will find this book incredibly useful. This guide includes highly detailed instructions and illustrations that help new artists from start to finish. The introduction of this book is absolutely necessary. Not only does it provide a basic review of the manga process, but begins with the basic concepts of manga, which is to formulate a "word-chain" game, which provides the basis of the manga. As someone who loves Manga, I was actually suprised that this kind of technique is utilized to create manga. Although manga varies from traditional stories, it does require the same type of planning and outlining like a typical ficitonal work. Once artists have learned how to make these "word chains" they can learn how to spin it by forming applying a setting that has an historical, horror, romance, school, and/or action plot to get the story going.

Once artists have their storyline, the real fun begin. This book literally lays out all of the tools, materials, computer programs, and techniques needed to create an entire manga. Readers can easily refer to this section in case they make mistakes, but once artists have everything set they can begin their manga by learning how to draw different faces, emotions, actions, characters, and the manga outline (picture +words). Moreover, this guide teachers users how to use artistice techniques such as Perspective to make their drawing more realistic and professional. There is a lot to be learned in this books and 'tweens who are dying to become the next Tite Kubo (creator of Bleach) will need to start somewhere and this book is the perfect place.

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