Posted by : Deborah Takahashi Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In this massive compilation of the first three volumes, manga lovers will read about the history of the most famous Saiyan warrior ever! After defeating Piccolo, Goku is all grown-up with a wife and son of his own. Goku is still the muscle bound goof with the biggest heart ever. Know that the Earth is at peace, life is pretty good for Goku until a meteor hits the earth carrying some pretty evil dudes named Raditz and Napa. Goku has no clue who is parents are and where he got his super powers from; Goku was found in a capsule that crash landed on Earth many years ago and was raised by a kind farmer. When Raditz and Napa start wreaking havoc on the land, Goku comes to the rescue. When Raditz sees Goku, he calls him "Kakarot" and starts yelling at him for failing to conquer the world. Goku has no idea what Raditz is talking about until he reveals to him that he is not an ordinary human being, but a Saiyan Warrior! Moreover, Goku is actually Raditz's baby brother!

Many years ago, the home of the Saiyans, planet Vegeta, was destroyed by an enemy and only a few Saiyans exist (Goku being one). When Goku learns that he is in fact a powerful warrior he is stunned. However, unlike his brother's thirst for destructoin, Goku made the decision to protect the one's he love by battling his very own brother. In this action packed series, we all venture back into the past of Goku and how he became the great warrior we know. Not to mention, Piccolo returns, but as Goku's ally rather than enemy. 'Tweens will be hooked the moment Raditz invades Earth and how Goku becomes the greatest warrior on Earth!


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