Posted by : Deborah Takahashi Sunday, November 21, 2010

Plot Summary:
In this amazing remake of the classic cartoon series, Sam Whitwicky's life changed the moment he got his first Chevy Camero. A long time ago, an ancient race called Autobots were at war with the Decepticons. When Optimus Prime defeated Megatron, the leaders of the Decepticons, the Autobots were nearly wiped out. Many, many years later, the Decpeticons have finally tracked down their fallen leader after learning that the key to the master's whereabouts lay with a hormonally charged teenager--Sam Whitwicky

One night, as Sam was sleeping, his car took off and he followed it. The moment he found his car, and a brief trip to jail for trespassing, Sam meets the Autobots for and learns about their culture and why they need a device called the "All Spark" cube. This particular cube has the power to turn any piece of machinery into a lethal weapon and that is why the Decepticons have invaded Earth to find it.  If  the Autobots are unable to stop Megatron, and destroy the cube, then Earth will be enslaved and everything that Sam loves, especially his soon-to-be girlfriend, will cease to exist. This movie is full of lots of action, comedy, drama, and suspence. 'Tweens will not only go crazy for the special effects, but enjoy the ending where we all know that good always conquers evil.

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Rating: PG-13

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