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Plot Summary:
Kagome Higurashi is an average middle school student who finds herself traveling between dimensions through a magic well that takes her back to feudal Japan. As she travels through a land she does not know, she sees a beautiful boy stuck to a tree. However, there something different about this boy. He appears to be human, but his hair is white as snow and he has dog ears. When Kagome removes the arrow that is holding him to the tree, the boy is awakened and, to Kagome's suprise, calls her Kikyo. Little does Kagome know, but she is a reincarnation of a powerful priestess who was tragically killed by a demon, whom she loved and despised. The demon that killed her is the same one that she managed to trap to a tree with a magical arrow and his name is InuYasha. Kagome is able to calm InuYasha down and explain to him who she is and then a demon comes out of nowhere and manages to cast a spell on a Kagome extracting a jewel from her body, which happens to be the source of Kikyo's power: The Shikon Jewel. However, as the jewel is released from Kagome, it explodes into tiny shards and disperses throughout the country.

As she recovers in the home of a woman named Kaede, who is Kikyo's younger sister, Kagome learns of the bad blood between Kikyo and InuYahsa. Moreover, she learns that the reason he wants the crystal, which is to turn into a full fledged demon. InuYasha is actually a half-demon who, with the rise of a full moon, transforms into a regular human, but has the strength of twenty men. In this amazing series, Kagome and InuYasha must team up to gather the shards of the crystal to keep from demons harnessing it's power to do great evil, but grant InuYasha's goal of becoming a full demon. Along the way, the duo meets other characters whose fates are tied to the jewel (Miroku, Sango, and Shippo) and villians (Naraku and Sesshomaru) who want to destroy InuYasha. 'Tweens will love this series for it's memorable characters, twisted plots, and comedy.


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