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Fellows, M. (2010). Lights, Camera, Cook! Children and Libraries, 8(1), 36-39. Retrieved November 23, 2010, from Library Literature and Information Science Full Text.

In this amazing article is a great idea to not only engage 'tweens, but to connect reading with everyone's favorite activity...eating! Fellows provides readers with a great program that the Upper Hudson Library System created to bring new, and old, patrons back into the library. Along with this goal, one main objective is to assist the children of the communities with math, science, and reading skills. With the help of the cooking show, 'tweens will not only learn how to measure ingredients, but know how to read recipes: "We anticipated that the show would involve tweens in getting to know their public librarian, reading books, visiting their library and other libraries, and learning some of the math and science of cooking"(Fellow, p.37)

This entire articles explains not only the cooking show process (when to film, who is the chef in charge, which 'tweens want to participate, etc.), but how, we, as librarians, can create a plan that not only requires a lot of planning, but where we can get funding and publicity. In this particular community, famous chefs, cooking schools, and many legislators live in the are so there were plenty of people who Fellows could talk to about getting the people to help with the project. Furthermore, the Library was able to get an LSTA grant, which provided over 80k for the whole project. Clearly, this Library is much bigger than my one branch library, but the process for implementing these programs is not much different.

Another great aspect of this article is how learning and reading were the core principals that the cooking show is based off. Moreover, by hosting these lessons, 'tweens can not only enjoy themselves, but learn valuable skills such as cooking and socializing. I thought it was really neat to base the episodes around books so one episode was dedicated to "Ruby Holler" and the "Get-Over Homework Chocolate Cookies" and another was "Granny Torelli Makes Soup" and Minestrone soup. I never would have thought of connecting reading with cooking, especially in the Library. If I only had the money and the backing for our ' can only dream. 

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