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Plot Summary:
If there are two things in life that Nina loves it is: sweets and looking for her prince charming. One day, as Nina, was enjoying a yummy piece of cake, a small jewel lands on the top of her cake resembling a piece of candy. As Nina dives into her dessert, she swallows the drop, which turns out to be a jewel called the "Crystal Pearl."  Immediately after eating the jewel, two boys from the wizard world come out of nowhere in pursuit of this jewel. When they find location of the jewel, all they see is a Nina. Completely unaware of what is going on, Nina finally realizes that she swallowed the jewel these boys are looking for. Unfortunately, this capture of this jewel is part of a final examination that the boys, Zero and Ichi, must collect in order to become wizards. However, with this mix-up, a potion to extract the jewel will require a lot of time, which Zero is not happy with. Just when everything seemed to be okay, Nina is being pursued by other wizards and they are not as friendly as Ichi and Zero. In order to protect Nina, and the jewel, Zero and Ichi vow to protect Nina until the potion is made. In this delightful tale, Nina will finally have the chance to see who is truly her prince charming: Zero or Ichi.

Tween Shojo Manga

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Reading/Interest Level:
Ages 10 & up

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