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Plot Summary:
With the release of the movie, and all of the requests for "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," I decided that I should read it if I could get my hands on it. I was rolling on the floor as I read this hilarious story about the plight of one sharp middle school 'tween named Greg and his successes and failures at becoming somebod for everyone to remember. Greg tells readers about his plans in a diary, which is supposed to be a journal (his mom got him the wrong kind). According to Greg, he is going to become famous by gaining immense popularity as class president, working on the school newspaper, and/or being voted "Class Clown." Sadly, Greg fails at all because someone was either more qualified or better suited. However, most of Greg's problems lie with his inability to be honest with his family and friends. His relationship with his best friend, Rowley, is definitely interesting. Although Rowley isn't as smart, or "mature", as Greg, but he accomplishes more than Greg can ever dream of by being himself. There is also a situation where Greg played a mean trick on some of the kindergartners that he and Rowley walk home; Rowley ended up being blamed for the trick and Greg didn't admit fault. When Greg finally admitted guilt, Rowley ended up "rating" him out so Greg lost his responsibilities as a hall monitor and Rowley was promoted. Unfortunately for Greg, he may have been able to to keep his best friend, and his job, had he been honest and less "wimpy."

Tween Fiction

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Grades 5 & up

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