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Plot Summary:
In this tale, is a society with no war and no pain. When children reach a certain age, they will be trained to do the trades that will become their occupation for life. Each family unit consists of a mother, father, and two children that are very different from what we know. In fact, children are actually manufactured and placed in appropriate homes by the government. Furthermore, people in this society are unable to feel emotions. Jonah has finally become of age and is ready to take on his life's responsibility. The job that is passed down to him is an unusual job, which is to be the next Giver. As the Giver, he will be the only living archive of the past, including images of war, hope, love, and ability to see colors. However, with these feelings and knowledge, Jonah is struggling with moral issues like why emotions have been suppressed and how society has evolved without war and peace. However, Jonah's ultimate trial is when a sickly child is born and brought into his home. He becomes attached to the tiny infant, which is something he never felt before. Sadly, due to the child's state, he is scheduled for termination, conducted by Jonah's father. When Jonah discovers his father's role in society, he is devastated.  Jonah struggles with all of the emotions, images, questions, and thoughts about life that he realizes that he can no longer be controlled by society and live a life void of beauty, anger, love, and sadness. After realizing what kind of world this is, he decides to runaway with the tiny infant. As they travel, through the hard winter,Jonah passes on his feelings to the child to keep the warm with a simple touch. Like the Giver before him, all of these memories are passed down through touch and when the sun appears, Jonah feels hope as he sees a town just ahead of him.

Tween Science Fiction

Reading Level/ Reading Interest:
Grades 5-8

Books Similar to The Giver:
  • Newberry Award (1994)

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