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Plot Summary:
What do we really know about Peter Pan? Disney told us that he is the leader of the "Lost Boys" of Neverland and is the the bane of Captain Hook's existence. But who really is Peter Pan? In this brilliant re-telling of J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan" is an hysterical tale of how a former orphan, with help of a girl named Molly, becomes the beloved Peter Pan. Peter, an orphan, finds himself aboard a ship called "Never Land" headed towards a lifetime of suffering as a servant in King Zarboff the Third's court; Zarboff has a swarm of pet crocodiles who are rather hungry and, sometimes, servants end up becoming a croc snack.

On the ship is a young girl, Molly, who is of interest to Peter. One night, Peter follows Molly to the the rear of the ship and sees that she is talking with a dolphin (Molly speaks Dolphin).  Peter then follows her below the deck of the ship to find that she is guarding a glowing, magical material called "starstuff" that actually makes objects fly. Unable to comprehend the situation, Molly catches Peter and explains to him that she, and her father, are part of an organization that protects the "starstuff," from bad people who want to possess its power. Little does Peter realize, he finds himself caught up in an epic chase to not only protect the "star stuff," but the whole world as we all know.

Immediately after Peter is sworn in as a protector of "starstuff," the "Never Land" is attacked by Black Stache (soon-to-be- Captain Hook) who, sadly, isn't the brains of his operation, and the "Never Land" wrecks on a island not too far from King Zarboff's country, who, ironically, is trying to possess the "starstuff" as well. Unfortunately, a trunk of "starstuff" is lost so Peter, Molly, and the rest of the "Starstuff Protectors" set off to find it before it falls into the hands of Black Stache or King Zarboff. The ending will leave readers rolling on the floor with laughter as we see the idiocy of both villains and the evolution of a hero.

Tween Fantasy

Reading Level/ Reading Interest:
Grades 4-7

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  1. Though it's a fun adventure story, it bothered me that they didn't pay any attention to Barrie's original stories. This series has a TON of fact-checking and thematic mistakes in it as compared to Barrie. How can they be so disrespectful of a famous athour/work like that?

    There is a faithful continuation of Barrie...Click!
    And for another good read, go on a "What if?" adventure sending the characters down very different paths:



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