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Plot Summary:
Just when love could never get any more complicated, let's throw in vampires, ancient feuds, magic, and tragedy. Yuki Cross, the daughter of Headmaster Cross and class prefect, watches over the "Day class" (human class) at Cross Academy; Kaname Kuran, leader of the "Night Class,"an exclusive group of vampires who live off blood pills to prove they do not need human blood. As part of her duties to watch after the "Day Class," Yuki has developed deep feelings for Kaname, who, oddly enough, seems to reciprocate those feelings, which does not sit well with Zero, Yuki's closest friend. However, when tragedy strikes,the only person who can save Zero is Yukis. Vampire Knight is one of the most amazing love triangles, jam packed with surprises, drama, and an epic climax! 

Critical Evaluation:
In this tale of murder, forbidden love, good, and evil, an innocent girl was rescued from the clutches of an evil vampire and raised by a kind man. However, the most heart-wrenching of all of these details is that Yuki had no memory of her past or who she is. This is yet another complex tale that is not only filled with twists and turns, but readers will never believe the ending. All of the characters, in this story, are not only unique, but share similar tales of tragedy like Yuki. Many girls will instantly fall in love with Kaname and Zero becuase they are both really hot and are surrounded by tragedy. Moreover, this is a tale of forbidden and what girl can resist?

Information about the Author:
According to an interview, on Hakusensha Online, Matsuri Hino was born on January 24 in Hokkaido Japan. She made her debut with Wake this Dream published by La La La DX in 1995. Matsuri has written other successful series such as Merupuri and Captive Hearts. According to Anime News Network, Hino's Vampire Knight, is ranked number nine on the New York Times Best Seller Manga List (February 27-March 5). According to ShojoBeat: "Hino enjoys creative activities, and has commented that she would have been either an architect or an apprentice to traditional Japanese craft masters if she did not become a manga artist" (para. 3). Another interesting tidbit about Matsuri Hino is that she had only become a Manga artist nine months prior to the release of her first series.

Teen Fantasy Manga, Teen Romance Manga

Reading Level/Interest:
Teen 13 & up

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Awards & Recognition:
  • New York Times Manga Best Seller List (December 27, 2010-March 5, 2011)

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