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Plot Summary:Dante is not the traditional hero. In fact, he's lazy, messy, and is up to his ears in debt. However, his line of work is anything but boring. Dante is an honest-to-goodness demon hunter. Armed with every weapon imaginable, Dante takes on these tasks, no matter how dangerous they may be to make end's meet. Life for him is pretty dismal until a little girl named Patty comes into his life. Not only does she nag him, but she actually cleans up after him. Patty's mysterious appearance was not at all coincidental; she actually came to the Devil May Cry Angel Agency to hire Dante for a job. At the core of this story is Dante's past; he has issues with a woman clad in Black leather who resembles someone very near and dear to him. Furthermore, there is another woman called "Lady" who finds odd jobs for Dante's and sometimes assists him. Devil May Cry is not for the faint of heart, but it's full of action, monsters, and humor.  

Critical Evaluation:
Devil May Cry is definitely not a family film. This anime series is gritty, violent, and Dante is more, or less, an antihero that viewers will love and hate. This anime is actually based on a PlayStation 2 video game and has received mixed reviews. However, this anime is actually incredibly entertaining with the modern animation and a soundtrack viewers will want to listen to over and over. In regards to the characters, the only one who has the most development, and history, is Dante himself. Although he is lazy, eats way to much pizza, and is a complete slob, there is something mysterious and endearing about him. Moreover, viewers will be fascinated with his fighting skills and abilities since his own strength matches that of all powerful demons; we all learn later on that he is part-human and part-demon. His relationship with Patty is highly entertaining, but it develops beautifully, especially when Dante is consumed by his demon-side and the only one who can save him is Patty.   
Information about the Author:
Devil May Cry is actually based on a video game created by Capcom; however, the game, itself was created by Shinji Mikami. Mikami was born on August 11, 1965 and graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at Doshisha University in 1990. He has been a part of many gaming projects such as the the ever popular Super Nintendo games Aladdin and the Goof Troop. He would later earn his fame for conceptualizing the Resident Evil games, including the third-person shooting game (i.e., Resident Evil IV).Mikami has done a lot in his time for gaming and has plenty of managerial and directorial experience (he was appointed manager at the Capcom 4 studio and he went on to create Capcom 5 and Resident Evil 4:
Resident Evil 4 is regarded as one of the most influential games of the 2000s decade, due to its influence in redefining at least two video game genres: the survival horror and the third-person shooter. Resident Evil 4 attempted to redefine the survival horror genre by emphasizing reflexes and precision aiming, thus broadening the gameplay of the series with elements from the wider action game genre. It helped redefine the third-person shooter genre by introducing a "reliance on offset camera angles that fail to obscure the action" (para 12).
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