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Plot Summary:
In this story, a  crazy tough girl, named Haine, has a major crush on Shizumasa, nicknamed the "The Emperor". However, this girl is actually pretty amazing. A while back, she was actually involved in a gang and it was Shizumasa who saved her from that life; he was also the one who wrote a storybook that made her fall in love with Shizumasa. Haine's goal is to win Shizumasa's love that she loves him and will do anything to protect him (she is assigned as bodyguard). Meanwhile, readers learn that Shizumasa has a huge secret he is hiding in the shadows named Takanari. Furthermore, this secret between these two guys causes a lot of turmoil for Haine. There are a bunch of characters that make this story hysterical such as the stereotypical gay guy, the drag queen, the psuedo-lesbian, the hot doctor, forgotten siblings, the slave, and the family secrets amongst the Togu and Kamiya families. This series is incredibly complicated and convoluted, but highly entertaining!

Critical Evaluation:
If we were to compare this story to any Victorian drama, our heads would probably explode. Not only is the main character a bit of a contradiction, every other character in the story is worse. This series is jam packed full of love, secrets, deception, and a bit naughty, which makes it perfect for the girl who needs an escape. One aspect of this series, which I admire, is Tanemura's ability to weave a complex story where reader's are always in step with each sequence. I could not put this Manga series down because, honestly, it was a guilty pleasure for me and was rooting for Haine all the way until the end. There is a a bunch of characters who have such different stories, and personalities, that make them all unique and just as lovable, especially Senri, the school physician who is quite a character.

Information about the Author:
Arina Tanemura, according to the Arina Tanemura Fan Club, was born on March 12, 1978 in Aichi, Japan. She made her debut in 1996 with Nibanme no Koi no Katachi (The Style of the Second Love). Tanemura has written over twelve series that are not only popular, but she has been recognized as one of the most successful Shojo Manga artists today. According to, one interesting fact about Arina Tanemura is that Gentlemen's Alliance Cross is the first series she had published that contains more than 5 consecutive volumes.

Shojo, Romance, Comedy

Reading Level/Interest:
Grades 9 & up

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