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Plot Summary:
Cupcake loves to bake and he loves to play his drums. In fact, Cupcake owns his own bakery and he is part of a band that is performing in the upcoming parade. When Cupcake learns that his best friend, Eggplant, is going to Turkey to visit his uncle, he is beyond ecstatic to hear that his uncle is good friends with the legendary pastry chef: Turkish Delight. Not only is Turkish Delight a legend, he is Cupcake's idol and he would give anything to meet him. Knowing how Cupcake feels about Turkish Delight, Eggplant invited his best friend to travel with him. Although Cupcake is excited, he needs to save money in order to pay for his flight, which means that Cupcake needs to make sacrifices; instead of attending band practice, Cupcake needs to extend his business hours and ask Eggplant for extra help with upcoming bake sales, running the bakery, and other events. As time goes by, Cupcake continues to work and work and, unfortunately, his passion for baking is starting to fizzle. The more that Cupcake works, the more tired and frustrated he is because he can't seem to make anything extraordinary. However, this about to change when Eggplant delivers some bad news that will turn everything around.

Critical Evaluation:
Bake Sale is absolutely darling. Not only is it about one of my favorite hobbies, it has a well-balanced recipe filled with charm and love with a dash of humor. The artwork is just precious; it takes some serious talent to make a tomato, potato, eggplant, and celery look super cute. Furthermore, the bright and soft pastels really bring out the sweetness, which this book is filled with. Do I see a tween boy picking this up? It just depends on the boy. Despite the overall girly appearance, tweens learn a very valuable lesson about friendship. Furthermore, there this is also a tale about hard work and sacrifice where two vegetables give it their all to make one another happy. I was also super excited about the recipes the author has included and I cannot wait to try them. All in all, this is a quick read that will hook readers with its bright, glossy pages and the ending will leave you hanging, which means there could be another installment or it's up to the reader's imagination as to what happens.

Information about the Author:
According to her super cute website:
Sara Varon is a printmaker, illustrator, and children’s book author living in Brooklyn, New York.
Nice and sweet!

Tween Graphic Novels

Reading Level/Interest:
Grades 4-6

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Awards & Recognition:
  •  Positive review from the Bulletin for the Center of Children's Book (10/01/11)
  •  Positive review from Booklist (9/15/11)

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