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Plot Summary:
Reiko wants nothing more than to be an ordinary high school girl. However, Reiko has super powers that clearly show her peers, and family, is anything but ordinary. One day, Tachibana Ran barges into her classroom with a gun in hand and tells her that her life belongs to him. Translation: Ran wants Reiko to marry him. What makes Ran think he could do this to Reiko? Well, Ran is the heir to a the Tachibana empire and is worth millions of dollars. Reiko has no intention of marrying Ran and does everything she can to run away. Rather than chasing her all over the city, Ran makes a deal with Reiko: if Ran can catch Reiko within the next twenty-five hours, she will marry him. If he doesn't catch her, Reiko is free to go. What she doesn't plan on is that during these tumultuous twenty-five hours, she becomes victim to the people who want to assassinate Ran because of his high status and name. What the kidnappers and assassins don't know is that Reiko actually has a few tricks up of her sleeve...she is incredibly tough and flexible. Although the deadline passes, Reiko finds herself strangely attracted to Ran because he is the first person to like her for who she is rather than what she is not. What most people don't know about Reiko is that her heart was broken by a boy she though she loved; the reason why he didn't return her feelings is because she wasn't ordinary. However, Reiko and Ran are far from ordinary, which makes this pursuit hilarious and absolutely heart warming. 

Critical Evaluation:
I have read some pretty funny Shojo in my time and this one takes the cake so far. Not only is Ran outrageously crazy, he is so caring and loving that one cannot help but love him. As for Reiko, she is definitely not the traditional Shojo character who is looking for her prince charming, In fact, Reiko shuts out everyone because her heart was broken. I really, really admire her spirit and strength and that is what attracts Ran. Although Ran can have any girl in the world, he chose Reiko because she is extraordinary, which is what he needs. Although this story wasn't completed (it's only two volumes), readers can hope that when Ran is kidnapped, Reiko does what she can to rescue him. Along with the romance, the comedy is pure genius. I could not stop laughing simply because Takagi's dialouge is smart and quick. Although Ran has a tendency to be over dramatic, the tender moments are genuine and heart felt. I really, really wish there was more to this series, but I am looking forward to reading other series by Takagi-san. 

Information about the Author:
According to Baka Updates, Shigeyoshi Takagi was born on July 17 in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. She has a twin sister and has been writing manga since 2009.

Teen Shojo Manga

Reading Level/Interest:
Grades 9 & up

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