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About the Database:
Teens no longer need to worry about not passing their language classes. Mango Languages is an online program that offers a variety of language learning. Furthermore, they have a special program for public libraries where they can select the languages that meet the needs of the community. Mango Languages lessons consist of interactive lessons that makes language learning easier where users can listen, respond, and practice. One aspect of the program that is incredibly helpful is the feature where teens can speak into a microphone and and Mango can check for accuracy and fluency (accent, grammar, vocabulary, etc.).
In many ways, Mango Languages is very similar to Rosetta Stone, but does not carry the hefty price tag and users can access the program for free through their local library. In order to use this program, users must create a profile, which will give them a "Dashboard" that contains four tabs: "Dashboard, " "Courses," "Translate," and "Support." The purpose behind this tool is that in order to launch the programs, the "Dashboard" is the gateway into the lessons. Moreover, the "Courses" option lists the languages available through the library's subscription. Once a profile has been established, users are free to begin their program, which are incredibly easy to use and a lot of fun.

Critical Evaluation:
Mango Languages is an excellent resource that is not only great for public libraries, but teens will appreciate. Learning a new language is never easy, but it does get easier with practice and instruction. For high school students, this is one area that completely freaks them out, more so than any math or science class. Mango Languages is so accessible that it does not require any training for the user; libraries that subscribe to this program do not even have to train staff members because it is that intuitive. In fact, many of the lessons, all a user really needs to know is how to access the lessons and the program practically runs itself. As mentioned before, Mango Languages is a great substitute for the Rosetta Stone Language programs since Mango  bases their prices on the size of the community in comparison to a projected number of users, which can be incredibly pricey. Not only will teens have fun using this program, it will help them build self-esteem and teach them many things about a culture, which includes manners and how to present oneself when traveling abroad.

Information about the Database Company:
According to Mango Languages:
"Many moons ago, when the internet was still young, our founders set out to turn their love of languages and learning about the world into a successful business venture. They were driven to make a better, more effective language learning experience, and wanted to have a little fun along the way. After several years of refinement, refinement, and more refinement, Mango Languages was born. Today, Mango delivers a wide variety of language learning capabilities to people all over the world" (para. 1)
Currently, Mango Languages  can not only be found in many public libraries, all over the country, they can also be found in schools and government as well. Mango Languages is growing stronger everyday since their goal is to continue providing quality products and they are "always on the lookout for ways to make our products better as well as new methods or technologies that can help make language learning even more fun and more convenient for our customers" (para. 3). 

Language Learning

Reading Level/Interest:
Grades 9 & up
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Awards & Recognition:
According to the Awards section of Mango, they have received recommendations from the following companies:
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Education World
  • Webware
  • New York Public Library: Best of Reference

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