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Plot Summary:
Anne, or Anke, is the youngest of three children. Not only does she feel ignored by her father, she has to bear witness to his anger and abuse. In this story, Anke just started high school and has decided to escape her family by trying out for the volleyball. Not only is she one of the tallest Freshman at her school, Anke does not believe she is special or beautiful. However, the taller she gets, the stronger she becomes, especially when she starts to notice that her father's temper is only part of the real evil that is her father. Although Anke's dad does not hurt her, he takes out his anger on her older siblings and her sister bears the worst of their father's abuse--she is sexually assaulted on a daily basis. As she starts to develop, physically and emotionally, Anke decides that it's time to stop feeling like a piece of furniture and make her father notice her.

Critical Evaluation:
Written in prose, Thalia Chaltas presents a story where a fifteen-year-old is forced to grow up by taking charge of a horrible situation. This story is incredibly powerful, especially if the reader has experienced abuse or has witnessed their parent or any adult abuse their siblings or friends. Chaltas does not overtly state what type of abuse is taking place, but the readers will figure it out with subtle clues where she overhears her sister talking about her birth control. Not only is this story a quick-read, readers are enveloped with Anke's story of survival and courage to face the man who not only hurt everyone in her family, but made her unlovable and invisible.

Information about the Author:
Thalia Chaltas has done a little bit of everything prior to becoming an author. She has received training in Kineseology, firefighting, helicopter flying, athlete, and singing. She enjoys a variety of activities such as playing Volleyball, pottery, and camping. According to her website, she actually does not do a lot of writing at home, but at local coffee shops, the Library, and the beach (para.4-7). Moreover, she has kept every single piece of poetry she has ever written; hence, why she is a young adult author. Because I am Furniture is Thalia Chaltas first YA novel and she has a new one coming out on June 9, 2011 entitled Displacement.

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Reading Level/Interest:
Grades 9 & up

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Awards & Recognition:
  •     Top 10 Summer 2009 Kid's Indie Next List selection
  •     ALA Best Book for Young Adults
  •     IRA Young Adult's Book Award Notable
  •     2010 Texas Tayshas High School Reading List selection
  •     2010 ALA Amelia BLoomer Project selection
  •     2010 Kansas State Reading Circle Catalog selection
  •     2010 Penn. School Library Association's Young Adult Top 40 selection
  •     2010-2011 Kentucky Bluegrass Award nominee
  •     2011 Nevada Young Readers' Award nominee

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