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Life for Soren started out so wonderful. He has parents who loved him and a little owl sister who adored him. All of that changed when he fell out of his nest and was brought to an orphanage called Saint Aggie. Saint Aggie is far from an orphange--in fact, it is a prison where young owlets were snatched from their nests and indoctrinated. The motto at Saint Aggy's is "When Truth is Found, Purpose is Revealed." The only truth that Soren finds is that St. Aggie's, and her leaders, are not at all interested in finding truth. The more Soren fights against the cruel routines of Skench, Spoorn, Jutt, Jat, and Suntie, the more he realizes that he, and the rest of his friends, are in more danger then he could ever imagine.

With his best friend, Gylfie, Soren fights to hold onto his identity and mind by fighting against the system that is plotting a revolution that will change the owl world forever.Is the legend of Ga'Hoole really a legend or will the guardians come to save all owl-kind.

Tween Adventure

Reading Level/ Reading Interest:
Grades 4 & up

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  1. Heck yes! I am soooo excited! The creators of "Happy Feet" made this movie and I LOVED IT! I will prolly cry at some point because this story is heartbreaking. :D


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