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Plot Summary:
Binky is officially a space cat. Not only does he have his official Felines of the Universe Read for Space Travel (F.U.R.S.T.) membership, he has plans to build a rocket ship to battle aliens, discover new worlds, and have adventures. However, Binky has never ever been outside his space station so how is he supposed to go on this adventure? Well, Binky trains. He boxes with his cat toys, he runs around the house chasing the aliens (aka. bugs), and he studies the books that are in the space station. Binky believes that the aliens are trying to take over the world and that is why he must protect his humans. As readers read on, they learn that Binky came to his home to be their guardian, cuddler, and helper. As Binky prepares for this awesome adventure, he realizes there are few things he forgets about, which might make his mission a lot harder then he thought.

Critical Evaluation:
SOOOO CUTE! I am a kitty momma of a super cute cat like Binky and I could literally see my cat doing the same exact things! The colored illustrations are very angular, which give Binky an almost bunny-like appearance. However, the shapes enhance his silliness since Binky acts like a wild bunny in most of the scenes and his head fits in a space helmet perfectly. The text is simple and the funny moments are just spot on! I love the illustrations where Binky farts because cats are notorious for farting when no one is watching  (or so they think) and the very idea of cats wearing clothes is just as hilarious. This is definitely a quick read so readers will have no problem starting one and reading the rest in the series in one sitting. This series is lots of fun and I can't wait to read the rest of Binky's adventures!

Information about the Author:
According to her website:
Ashley was born and raised in British Columbia where she resides still with her cats Gracie and Charlotte. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and a Graduate Diploma in Illustration from Sheridan College. In addition to her illustration, she founded Chicken Tika Creations (which she named after her dog, not the food) and is selling her hand felted items across Canada.

Tween Graphic Novels, Tween Fiction

Reading Level/Interest:
Grades 3-6

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Awards & Recognition:

Spires’s mix of sly, dry and slapstick humor in her first graphic novel is perfect.

With plenty of visual gags and a cute hero, this book is perfect for kids who are transitioning from easy readers to early chapter books, while the dry humor will also keep stronger readers engaged. 

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