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Plot Summary:
In this spinoff of Alice in the Country of Hearts, Alice makes her way from Julius and the Clock Tower to the Hatter Mansion. After meeting Blood Dupre, Alice has decided that the man who resembles the man she loved is not the same person. Granted, everything in this world is different, she falls for Hatter's second in command: Elliot March. Elliot March is kind, gentle, and very cute (especially his rabbit ears), and Alice adores him in every way. However, when she realized that Elliot is Blood's top assassin, she is torn between the man she adores and the assassin who makes a living taking lives. However, in this world, taking lives isn't horrific; in fact, everyone who dies is reborn through the talents of Julius, the clockmaster. What makes Alice special is that she is a being that has a heart that beats and not a clock. In other words, if Alice is killed, she will not be reborn, nor will she be able to return to her world. When Alice decides to make Hatter Mansion her home, her stalker/kidnapper, Peter White, demands that she makes Heart Palace her home and that puts Alic in extreme danger since Queen Vivaldi makes a habit of beheading a habit. In this crazy world where night and day com at all times, Alice must survive the inhabitants who proclaim undying love for her and then put her in danger at moments notice. In this story, it's Elliot March who confesses his deepest feelings and Alice must choose between her conscience and her heart.

Critical Evaluation:
When I first read the first series, Alice in the Country of Hearts, I was happy that it ended the way that it dis. However, when learned that there spin offs where all of the leading men get to have their moment with Alice, I was even more excited. What readers need to realize that the reason why Alice has a love story with every character is that this world is based on Alice's need, and want, to be loved by everyone. According to Alice, she is unlovable and idolizes, and resents, her older sister who happens to be everything she is not. In many ways, Alice realizes all of her good qualities as she spends time with the citizens of this world and, ultimately, it is their love and devotion that keep her in the Country of Hearts. I will say that I am a wee bit jealous to have such gorgeous men fawn over her, but, it's really to sad to see how lonely they really are. I am definitely looking forward to the next spin-offs since they will reveal more answers as to why Alice created this world and see all the characters evolve.

Information about the Author:
Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of information by Quinrose on their website, but here it is (with the help of Google Translate:

In "QuinRose ~ Kuinroze ~",
Has produced mainly female hero fantasy romance adventure game.
※ as related work, we have also produced male hero game.

And publisher of Sony from 2010,
And is currently developing a game machine primarily for home use.

Teen Fantasy Manga, Teen Romance Manga

Reading Level/Interest:
Grades 9 & up

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