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Plot Summary:
Ava doesn't know where she is or who she is. She has been diagnosed with amnesia after being found wandering the woods outside her home. Although Eva is well loved by her mother and her friends, she doesn't remember or feel anything for them. Ever since her "accident," she's been having flashbacks of life that seems very real to her. In this realm, she is part of the State Anti-terrorism Taskforce (SAT), which protects the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM). Her responsibility is to watch subject 56-412 who may just be a threat to PDM. However, this subject makes her feel funny and whenever she thinks of him, or her other life, she is hit with a massive migraine. Although Eva recognizes the faces of names that surround her, she remembers them differently, which not only scares her, but shows her that there is something very wrong with this reality. As she tries to cope with this new life, a woman named Clementine turns her world upside down because not only does she presume to know Ava, but when a boy named Morgan appears out of thin air, her dreams reveal that she is living in a nightmare.   

Critical Evaluation:
Elizabeth Scott ventures into a new genre by combining alternate realities with moral dilemmas. Eva has never known what its like to be loved and cherished. When Morgan shows her how special she is, she is caught between duty and her true feelings. Although readers will learn how Eva came to this world, they are with EVA every step of the way, which makes it hard to put this story down. With the help of Eva's dreams and flashbacks, we learn that power and control not only turn people into monsters, but devoid them of any satisfaction of being unique and loved. The central theme of this story revolves around identity where Eva is caught between the two and has to decide which is really her. Moreover, her relationship with Morgan not only throws her into further turmoil, but its this love that helps her make the right decision regardless of the cost. This is a thought provoking story where teens will experience the weight of decision making and how those consequences will not only affect us, but those around us.

Information about the Author:
According to her  website, Elizabeth Scott grew up in a tiny town in Virginia and her parents were both educators and actually took three classes taught by her father (para.3). After graduating high school, she went onto college and had every intention living a glamorous life and to not get married. Well, she ended up meeting her husband at college and held down a variety of odd jobs such as being a secretary, selling pantyhose, working as an editor, and burning CD's.

She started writing young adult novels and can't imagine doing anything else. Scott has written nine young adult novels and has gained a solid audiences. According to Scott:

"I read a lot, and I love all kinds of books, but young adult books hold a very special place in my heart. Being a teenager is both the most amazing and the most frightening thing — there's so much going on with you, your friends, your parents, and handling that and school and having to think about your future... it can be really exciting, but it's also a lot to deal with!" (para. 7).

Teen Fantasy

Reading Level/Interest:
Grades 9 & up

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