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Plot Summary:
Life for Shaun is pretty easy. In fact, it has been so easy that when he suddenly "bites the big one" he doesn't feel a thing. Although Shaun's soul is in the hands of our Creator, his body has been taken over by demon. As part of an elaborate plot, this demon, or "Kiriel," has observed and studied every aspect of Shaun's life from his family history, friends, personality, and mannerisms. After a millennium of tormenting souls, not having a physical form, or knowing what it's like to have five senses, Kiriel is just overjoyed and fascinated with his new "slightly used" teenage body. Once Kiriel/Shaun is able to have better control of his body, he makes the goal that most teenage boys make, which is to, for the lack of the better phrase, get laid. Kiriel is just obsessed with feeling good that he believe having sex is the ultimate feeling that makes a person human. However, Kiriel realizes, that sexual feelings don't carry the burden that disappointment, anger, hatred, and jealousy carry.

Critical Evaluation:
A.M. Jenkins has delivered a funny and smart story about a demon who takes a break from being an entity to becoming human. This demon does not know what it's like to be human and after experiencing, and witnessing, the tortured souls that he processes, he has become curious about them. Moreover, he is actually more intrigued by the poor choices humans make, even when they know it is bad (i.e., sin). Jenkins provides readers, especially those who struggle with humanity and religion, with an intelligent dialogue that convey the good, and the bad, of being a human. However, Kiriel didn't fully comprehend Shaun, as a person, and realized that the many people in his life make living worthwhile, especially Lane. The more Kiriel spends time amongst humans, the more he begins to understand the beauty in which "The Creator" had made them; thus, why he paid the price he did for going against the will of God. This books is truly wonderful, funny, and well written.

Information about the Author:
According to A.M. Jenkins' blog, she has literally had every job under the sun from teacher, writer, aerobics instructor, bookstore manager, and ice cream dipper. She has written several YA novels that including Damage, Out of Order, and Repossessed. Although she does not reveal a lot of her life on her blog (other than that she lives in Texas, divorced, has three kids, and a bunch of pets), Jenkins does admit that getting a degree in Liberal Arts can only go so far. According to Harper Collins: "A. M. Jenkins is the award-winning author of Damage, Beating heart: A Ghost Story, and the Printz Honor Book Repossessed, and lives in Benbrook, Texas, with three sons, two cats, and two dogs. Jenkins received the PEN/Phyllis Naylor Working Writer Fellowship for night road" (para. 1). 

Teen Lit for Guys, Teen Humor

Reading/Interest Level:
Grades 9 & up

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