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What if Alice in Wonderland really did existed? What if the Mad hatter wasn't really mad and the Red Queen was even more evil than we thought? In this inventive re-telling of  the beloved Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland," Frank Beddor takes us beyond the fairytale and into the knitty gritty of politics, human rights, heroism, and self-sacrifice.
Alyss Liddell thought she was different then most girls, but, little did she know, that she is heir to throne of a Queendom called Wonderland. Wonderland was once a great city ruled by Queen Genevieve and King Nolan. Queen Genevive, and Alice, are blessed with the power to control one of the most powerful weapons ever called "The Heart Crystal" with the use of White imagination. However, Alyss' training was cut short by the invasion of her own aunt, Queen Redd, who assassinates her parents and takes over Wonderland with her ability to control Black Imagination. Luckily, with the help of Hatter Maddigan, and Bibwit Hare, Alice is able to to pass through the "Pool of Tears" without being harmed.

After many years, and hardly an recollection of her previous life, Alyss grows up in the Liddell house and is faced with one of the scariest propositions she has ever faced: a marriage proposal.  With all the hubbub of this great event, Alyss isn't satisfied with this proposition until the "Pool of Tears" reappears all of sudden. Unbeknown to Alyss, she has a mission to complete, which is to take back what's rightfully her's: Wonderland. The Looking Glass Wars is the first installment in of the  Looking Glass Wars trilogy and readers will be immediately taken in with the stories and characters. This is by far one of the best re-telling of any classic Children's story and readers will never look at Wonderland the same.
Tween Fantasy

Reading Level/ Reading Interest:
Grades 7& up

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